Crete Kayak Camping Adventure

Heraklion, Crete

Based on double occupancy. Single supplement applies. $250

8 days, 7 nights

8 days, 7 nights

Skill Rating
Van Supported

Heraklion, Crete

2 Nights at Family-Owned Inn, 5 Nights Camping


Based on double occupancy. Single supplement applies. $250

Guides, ground transportation, support vehicle, night one and two lodging (based on double occupancy, single supplement applies $250), meals per itinerary (first night dinner, day 2 and 3 breakfast), all kayaking equipment, instruction and entry fees for the archaeological sites of Knossos and Phaestos and for the Samaria Gorge National Park.
Not Included
Most meals and drinks per itinerary, airfare to/from HER, tent, sleeping bags/mats, personal clothing and accessories, full medical, baggage and mandatory trip cancellation insurance, airport taxes, and gratuities not included. Single supplement: $250.

Join us on our newest adventure, our Crete Kayaking and Camping Adventure! This self-supported, 8 day, 7 night expedition travels to our favorite beaches and towns, with a guided itinerary for you to follow. Explore the rugged and pristine coastline of the south coast, hike the stunning Samaria Gorge National Park, travel to ancient Venetian castles and Minoan palaces, and embark on the adventure of a lifetime! 

Day 1: Matala: Your Northwest Passage guides meet you at 10:00 AM at the Heraklion Airport. You then set off to visit the world famous archaeological site of Knossos, an ancient Minoan palace that predates the Trojan War. After the visit, the group sets off for Matala where you settle into your room and have lunch (be sure to ask the guides about the best gyros pita in town!). During the afternoon you can explore the waterfront, shopping scene, and ancient ruins of this beautiful beach town. In the evening, The Northwest Passage guides will outfit you with paddling gear. The group then gets to know one another a little better over optional sunset cocktails. You round out the evening with a delicious seaside dinner and an opportunity to sample Matala's nightlife. (Meals included: Dinner)

Day 2: Matala: After breakfast, we will meet at Matala beach for an introductory kayak lesson. From there, you have many options; paddle to the world famous Red Beach, exploring the beautiful coastline and cavernous sea caves along the way. After lounging, swimming, and maybe grabbing a drink on Red Beach, paddle over to Kommos Beach to enjoy a seaside lunch. Paddle back to Matala, capping off the total kayak mileage at seven. The afternoon is yours to lounge on the beach, explore the area trails, or go cliff jumping in Matala Bay! This evening, we suggest you take an optional hike up the cliffs of Matala for an unparalleled view of the Mediterranean coast, and watch the sky blaze through the color spectrum as the sun slips beneath the horizon. (Meals included: Breakfast)

Day 3: Roumeli: We’ll get an early start today in order to stop and visit the breathtaking site of the Minoan Palace of Phaistos on our way to the trailhead for the Samaria Gorge.  After touring the more than 4,000 year old ruins, we’ll get back on the road and head for the Samaria Gorge, Europe’s deepest gorge and one of the world’s most stunning natural wonders. The Samaria Gorge has also received the designation of a UNESCO World Biosphere. After reaching the top of the Samaria Gorge, you can grab a quick lunch or snacks for the trail. You will hike through pine forests, across mountain streams, and between towering canyon walls. Keep your eyes open for kri-kri, lizards, geckos, and eagles! Words cannot capture the majestic beauty of this incredible place. You simply have to hike it to believe it! The night's camping will be near the town of Roumeli, a traditional seaside town at the bottom of the gorge that is only accessible by trail and by boat. Spend your evening enjoying well deserved cold drinks and maybe a dip in the sea before dinner. (Meals included: Breakfast) 

Day 4: Marmara Beach: Your kayaks will await you for an early a.m. departure at Roumeli Beach. Today you will paddle to Agios Pavlos, a 1,000 year old Byzantine chapel that marks the spot where St. Paul was shipwrecked. Stop at the nearby taverna to enjoy a cappuccino before setting off along the coast to Marmara Beach. Enjoy relaxing at Marmara, taking time to snorkel, lay out on the beach, eat lunch at the taverna, and do some more cliff jumping. Tonight you’ll camp under the stars, just steps from the sea. (Meals included: none)

Day 5: Marmara Beach: Today you have the option to hike on the world famous E4 trail, hike the Aradena Gorge, or paddle to some of the area's beaches. Sweetwater Beach is a very popular beach, approximately one hour away by kayak or trail. This smooth stone beach is known for the freshwater springs that gurgle up through the rocks onshore. Sweetwater is also a great place to grab a snack and a coffee before going on to the town of Chora Sfakia or back to camp for the afternoon. (Meals included: none)

Day 6: Damnoni: You’ll rise early in the morning and set out along the coast to the Venetian-era fortress at Frangokastello for an optional brief tour. Frankgokastello was built by the Venetians to impose order on the Sfakian region, detour pirates, and protect the nobles and their properties. Enjoy a cappuccino or a lemonade at the nearby taverna. From there, you’ll paddle onto Plakias, a lively tourist town just west of our final destination. Plakias offers many unique artisan shops and wonderful tavernas and is a great place to stop for a delicious lunch. After you’ve explored Plakias, paddle on to your final destination for the evening, Damnoni Beach. A secluded, remote beach just outside of Plakias, you’ll set up camp and have a chance to have dinner at one of the local establishments. (Meals included: none)  

Day 7: Agia Galini: Heading out from Damnoni, stop at Palm Beach, where native Cretan palms line a picturesque stream which joins with the sea. An optional short paddle or hike up the inland freshwater creek provides a glimpse of river turtles, local birds, and dragonflies. From Palm Beach, paddle onward to Trio Petra beach, renowned for its beautiful rock formations. After lunch, you’ll paddle eastward onto your final destination for the evening, Agia Galini. (Meals included: none)  

Day 8: Launching early in the morning, complete the paddling circle crossing the bay from Agia Galini into Matala (approximately 8 miles).  The van will depart for Heraklion between 11 a.m. and noon, giving time for a visit the renowned Heraklion Archaeological Museum before catching late afternoon flights back to Athens. 

*This itinerary is a is a self-supported sea kayaking adventure and subject to change at any time.  You should be prepared to carry all of you personal items in dry storage inside your sea kayaks. As with all adventure travel, some activities are dependent on appropriate wind and water conditions. But fear not -we have many alternative activities available in case the weather is not cooperative.


"Beautiful, breathtaking, challenging, amazing, unforgetable adventure" - Pottan, H. Little Rock, AR - Crete, May 2013

"Chris and Eric are informed and helpful, very attentive to everyones needs and adaptable when need be. They are both an aset to The Northwest Passage!" -Weber, B. Little Rock, AR - Crete, May 2013

"Thank you! You managed to find/create a sweet spot at the intersection of challenge, fun, discovery, security, and camaraderie. It was all very good. Thanks." -Joe N., Crete, Oct. 2012

"Had such an amazing time on this trip. Fantastic guides and great places to be. I can't say enough about The Northwest Passage. Can't wait for the next trip!" -Crete, Oct. 2012

"Phenomenal experiences guys. Thanks so much for the great memories! God bless!" -Justin D., Crete, Oct. 2012

"Beautiful sunsets, spectacular water the color of jewels, incredible guides all of you (Ryan, Dana, Andrew, and Alex). Opening our eyes and hearts every day in a gorgeous country. Loved the trip more than you can know. Can't wait for the “Hawaii reunion” trip and the paddle/yoga trip. Loved every minute. Thank you for my happy place." -Marlene K., Crete, Oct. 2012

"I planned and planned but nothing could have prepared me for the magic of Crete. My paddling improved, which was part of my goal, but so too did I find like-minded people interested in engaging this island in a non-touristic/traditional way. I have fallen in love with Crete, and almost as much with my fellow travelers. Let the future trips know that all 16 of us chose to be together even when the option existed to be on our own. Thanks to the Crete/Oct/2012 group. You have rocked my week." -Fran S., Crete, Oct. 2012

"I was not expecting such a great quality on this trip. Not expecting so many carefully prepared details, so I just would like to thank you all for this wonderful experience. Amazing guides and unexpected organization. Will remember it for a long time." -Javi G., Crete, Oct. 2012

"I have never asked myself so many times, “is this real? How can life be so good?” Thank you for such an amazing trip. It was so well organized that it seemed effortless and everyday was filled with amazing experiences. It was truly wonderful." -Samantha C., Crete, Oct. 2012

"Great fun. The guides were superb. So good to see Ryan again. The best group of any trip I have been on. Many thanks." -Joan S., Crete, Oct. 2012

"Who does this? It was such a great time exploring a new culture, kayaking the ocean blue, and having such great guides!" -Melinda H., Crete, Oct. 2012

"I loved the camaraderie of the group and being able to experience the beauty of Crete from the sea.  Everything amazing from the people, the weather, the food, the kayaking/hiking.  Kayaking into Luotro and cliff jumping were some of the best highlights." -Anita S., Durham, North Carolina-Crete 2012

"Thank you so much for your time and patience with me and my new experiences. You are so awesome. Bless you." -Lynda H, Crete, Oct. 2012

"It was fantastic and personal.  Very boutique trip and I felt great.  It was amazing to have someone meet us at the end of a long paddle with cold drinks!  Great guides too.  Just stellar." -Brooke C., British Columbia, Canada-Crete 2012

"I am only emailing to my kids during my vacation, but I just wanted to send you an email to let you know what a phenominal trip this is. The group is wonderful, Chris and Taylor are completely delightful and are taking fantastic care of us and Crete, well need I say more. We just landed in Loutro and are soaking in the white and blue beauty. I knew no one when we started and I already feel I have made some friends for life. 
Thank you all for making this a trip of a life time." -Carla G., Chicago, Illinois- Crete, 2012

"Great, great trip! It was the guides and freedom of choice they afforded us that made our trip so great. All guides went above and beyond expectations and were very helpful. Bethany was very enthusiastic and a good instructor. The best experience and kudos has to go to Chris, who deserves all acknowledgments - he was very experienced and extremely hospitable." - Richard W., Toronto, Ontario - Crete, 2011

"The food was good, the guides were encouraging and kept a good group dynamic, gave excellent instruction and offerings for activities. I really enjoyed the balance between hiking and kayaking options!" - Crete

"Great guides!! Keith and Chris were watchful and helpful. Chris did an incredible job during a very difficult paddle day and kept people calm and well informed." - Jill H., Oak Brook, Illinois

"Tons of fun!! I only wish  I could continue the trip a few more days!!" - Heather N., Washington, DC 

 "Go for it! Great experience, even for beginners. This was one of the best vacations I have ever been on. The guides, Ryan and Chris, were AMAZING! Very helpful in difficult situations and always there for a good laugh. Great guys!" - Ashley D., Annandale, New Jersey

"I cannot say enough great things about Chris and Ryan. They really make the trip! I loved the options. See Crete in a unique way and eat well. Great hiking." - Rebecca J., Lansing, Michigan

"The guides were great and I really appreciated how they were always positive and encouraging. And how they had back-up plans when the weather was bad. Overall a great trip!" - Kacie C., Oakland, California

"Great mother daughter get away! This was defenitely a trip to remember. Vacations make memories to talk about for years to come. Good bonding with my girls!" - Kim D., Annandale, New Jersey

"Amazing, amazing trip. I am so glad I went! I cannot say enough good things. Ryan and Chris went above and beyond. They were always excited, smiling, enthusiastic, supportive, patient, helpful, teaching, looking out for us, and putting us in front of themselves... they were extraordinary - they went above and beyond and always made me feel safe and fully able to enjoy my experience." - Julie P., Menlo Park, California

"The guides were excellent - they tried to make all our wishes possible. They were safety conscious without being overly restrictive." - Patt R., Jackson, Michigan

"Chris and Ryan were awesome - very knowledgeable and fun. I really liked cliff jumping!" - Elizabeth R., New York, New York

"The guides were just terrific - professional but always friendly and patient, took opportunities to explain and elucidate, always ready to accommodate requests and offer plenty of alternatives if something wasn't going to work. Great facilitators!!! The food was fantastic. Two things I really enjoyed about the adventure were the accommodating "we'll do anything you want" attitude of Chris and Ryan, and seeing beautiful Crete, the gorges, the goats, the amazing colors of the sea and the clear water. This was a great tip in every way!" - Kerry K., Clancy, Montana

The guides were "excellent, very friendly and knowledgeable... I loved the food!" - Rick B., Jackson, Michigan

"The guides were incredibly helpful and helped make the trip great. They were always overly accommodating and up for having a good time- could have had a better guide duo.  I really enjoyed learning the eskimo roll at Sweet Water Bay- thanks to Chris!" - Julie W., New York, New York

"We took the Crete kayaking trip for our honeymoon and we couldn't have designed a more perfect trip.  From paddling and swimming in incredibly blue, warm water, to the impressive hike through the gorge, to the delicious food, the ruins, tiring us out thoroughly, and even learning to roll a sea kayak- we loved it all.  Listen to the guides and you'll never go wrong"  -Charles R., Seattle, Washington

"It was an experience in every sense of the word- fun, challenging, exhausting and joyful.  I haven't had this much fun since I was a kid.  The guides were amazing- very helpful and they did a great job challenging us to new adventures and fun!"  -Kate E., Seattle, Washington

"Thank you so much for an absolute amazing trip!  I had a great time.  Definitely one of my favorites."  -Rachael K., Tinton Falls, New Jersey

“Nothing short of excellent.” -Bruce P., Victoria, Australia

“I enjoyed not being a tourist behind the bus glass but having a go at being a traveler.” -Geoff F., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

“Each day new facets of food, history, landscapes, etc. would unfold. My kayaking skills have improved -- a great way to explore!” -Bernice F., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

“I enjoyed the combination of experiencing Crete as it is today -- vibrant in a harsh environment -- Crete’s history, brilliantly clear and colourful seas, which ranged from glassy smooth to turbulent, great company and skilled guides.” -Dora P., Victoria, Australia

“For those who have ever had the fantasy of a trip that challenges them physically and at the same time soothes the mind with in depth stress relief through connections with our past and with new friends,  this is the company that is expert at it.” -Ron B., Oley, Pennsylvania

“Great job NWP. As always we love being treated as friends and always enjoy our time with you.” -Blayne and Charlene H., Ely, Minnesota

“Sea kayaking was new for me. Learning how to do it right was fun.” -Dan H., Milford, Ohio

“Having trouble processing thoughts at the moment, so all I can say is that this is the trip of a lifetime! [I enjoyed the] Great company, wonderful food, synchronous timing, the water colors, Marmara, wonderful guides, Samaria Gorge, Agio Galini, etc.”-Katie B., Palatine, Illinois

“Guides were top notch, extremely helpful. The Samaria Gorge was my highlight, and of course the final paddle.” -Lori V., Hillcrest, South Africa

“Age does not matter on this trip if you’re willing to have an open mind.” -Margaret M., Evanston, Illinois

 “I felt very cared for and was able to attain the goals that I set for myself.” -Dianne D., Pittsfield, Massachusetts

“Everything was great. Everyone was thoughtful and attentive. I wish I had done this years ago.” -Paulette B., Wilmette, Illinois

“[The guides] Keith and Ryan are very knowledgeable and willing to share their passion about Crete and kayaking.” -Joel S., Cumming, Georgia

“Extremely worthwhile!  Adventure of a lifetime!  I’ll probably do something with The Northwest Passage in the near future.” -Nick T., Cumming, GA

“Spectacular!  No exaggeration.” -Chuck L., St. Paul, Minnesota

“This is such a beautiful place to be and exploring it in a kayak or on foot brings you so much closer. The guides were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They are clearly very capable paddlers but they also answered everyone’s questions from where to eat to where to shop. They were very patient and cheerful.” -Anna D.

“Guides were great, willing to do anything and very knowledgeable about everything.” -Judson B., Golden, Colorado

“I knew it would be beautiful but it was even more so than I thought. Rick and Andrea were always very thoughtful and helpful.” -Suzanne M., Denver, Colorado

“I loved the adventure. It’s a great way to escape from daily life and unplug in a beautiful part of the world.” -Phil R., Chicago, Illinois

“I’ve been to Crete three times now with The Northwest Passage.  Each trip was just wonderful.  NWP staff is the best prepared, best trained and best all around.” -Bob D., Evanston, Illinois

“I learned so much about kayaking.  I loved the mysterious land of Crete and the companionship of participants and guides. This was the first group travel adventure that I have experienced.  I think I have been spoiled for any other.” -Marcia H., Wilmette, Illinois


Crete is the largest of the islands of Greece, and is the home of Europe’s earliest known civilization, the enigmatic Minoans. While the first permanent settlements on Crete seem to date to about 8000 years ago, new artifacts found in sea caves along the coast we will kayak indicate that the first mariners may have reached its shores as early as 150,000 years ago, rewriting the history of early seafaring.

THE STONE AGE- 6000-2600 B.C.

Crete’s first inhabitants appear to have been a blend of settlers from Anatolia, Africa, and the coastal regions of the Middle East. Neolithic tools include handaxes, stone drills, and other artifacts. The site of the Minoan-era palace of Knossos and Phaestos are  built over neolithic remains, and at Phaestos, the stone base of a neolithic-era hut can still be seen. 


From simple beginnings, the arts and crafts began to thrive on Crete. Early dark-fired pottery called "Kamares Ware" after the cave in which it was first found still dazzles modern viewers with its delicacy and strong sense of design. From the beginning, Minoan artists expressed a freedom and liveliness of line that is enchanting. Around 2000, the first so-called palaces rise up, seemingly coordinated, in a number of places on Crete. These structures cover large areas with multi-story buildings enjoying a natural ventilation system and running water - even fountains and flush toilets. Images of beautiful women with complex coiffures and clothing dominate the arts, leading many to believe that the earliest Minoan society was ruled by powerful queens and priestesses rather than a male king. But by the time of the development of writing, the myths tell of powerful kings such as Minos himself and his brother Radamanthys, a renowned seafarer and lawgiver. But despite their power over the Aegean seas, men are not usually depicted in positions of power in Minoan art. A fresco of male tribute-bearers which originally covered hundreds of feet along the walsl at the palace complex of Knossos appears to end in front of a female figure, preserved only by her feet and hem of her dress.

But apparent divisions on the island drove some Minoans to the Greek mainland, where they may have mingled with the local Greeks and become the Myceneans.

The Minoans established towns throughout the Aegean and beyond in what some have termed a "thalassocracy" - domination by seatrade. But in a sudden shift about 1638 BC, everything changed. The island of Thira - now known as Santorini - exploded in a devastating volcanic eruption which sent as tsunami roaring into Crete, less than 90 miles away.  The height of this wave has been estimated as high as 200 feet, and it was accompanied by a volcanic cloud which dimmed the sun enough to affect agriculture around the Mediterranean. About the same time, Knossos was destroyed in an earthquake and fire. Some historians believe there was an opportunistic invasion of Crete by the Mycenaeans shortly after the eruption and tsunami. In any case, there is a shift in language and culture after this time. Though Knossos itself was rebuilt, the other palaces were  not, and Knossos became the undisputed center of Cretan politics during the Mycenaean period. After about 500 years, around the close of the estimated time of the Trojan War, the Mycenaeans  lost power to a new invader, the Dorians, tall blue-eyed Greeks who are the ancestors of the local Sfakians we will meet along our journey.  Some of the changes that come with the Dorians are preserved in the stone steles found at Gortyna which make up the "Gortyna Code", a collection of laws. Corrections 'penciled in" on these stone tablets show the gradual diminishment of Cretan women's rights of inheritance and other changes.

Crete eventually comes under the control of the Ptolemies, the Greek rulers of Egypt who came to power after the death of Alexander the Great.  Crete at one point belonged to Cleopatra, who is believed to have visited her holding after it was restored to her by Marc Antony. She would not be the first femme fatale to make a visit to the island - Helen of Troy is also rumored to have stopped along the south coast of Crete while traveling with her husband Menelaus.


Crete is mentioned in the Bible several times, mostly in connection with St. Paul who is said to have been shipwrecked at the Cretan port of Fair Havens on his way back to Rome to face charges.  In any case, the south coast is fond of St. Paul and there are several spots named for him, including  a chapel on the beach at Agios Pavlos which we will visit by kayak.  "Pavlos" is also a very popular name in southern Crete. Slightly later, St. Titus came to the island to preach and there are the remains of an early cathedral at the ancient site of Gortyna. While not part of our usual itinerary, some may find the ruins of this vast Roman-era city worth a visit before or after the trip.

After the departure of the Romans, Crete was made part of the Byzantine Empire. In 824 A.D. an Arab Saracen force invaded the Island, meeting little resistance. They used Crete as a base for attacks on ships and were little more than pirates. For over a century Arabs had control of the Island. The Byzantine rulers did little to help their colony until 961 A.D., when they drove out the Arabs in a huge and bloody battle which decimated the Cretan population and wiped out the occupying Arabs. After the Crusades, the island of Crete fell into Venetian hands. While the native Cretans were second-class citizens, the Venetians were generally more or less benevolent or merely indifferent rulers, and as time went on, Venetians and Cretans intermarried. Some of the foods of Crete and other Greek islands still reflect this Italian influence - which is why a baked spaghetti with pork dish is a specialty at one of the tavernas we'll visit.  

The Venetians maintained control over Crete until 1668, when the Ottoman Empire captured the island. Crete remained under Ottoman control until long after the liberation of the rest of Greece, gaining independence in 1897. It was its own nation for about 15 years, reuniting with Greece in 1912.  

During World War II, Crete was the site of the "Battle of Crete", when Hitler dispatched 17,000 paratroopers to take over the island in a single night. However, over six thousand of them were killed by local Cretans. While the invasion succeeded, the loss of so many elite troops against ill-equipped opponents made Hitler resolve to never use that method of attack again, a decision which may have cost him dearly.

In modern times, Crete enjoys a robust agricultural and shipping economy augmented by a vibrant tourism sector. While it is suffering from the financial crisis throughout Greece,  Crete is still a net contributor to the economy of Greece, sending far more in taxes to the Greek government than they receive back in services - or so our Cretan friends insist. Crete also made good use of EU funds in the early days of Greece joining the Euro union, with the result that many roads and other infrastructure projects were financed with EU money. It also has become a popular destination for many Northern Europeans seeking a holiday home in the sun. Throughout the rest of Greece, Crete is renowned for its excellent food, great climate, and generous hospitality, all of which we will enjoy on our journey through the land of the mystical Minoans.